We know which wealth strategies have proven their worth. And we pass this knowledge on to you: The Kontora Academy is our training program for entrepreneurial families and newcomers. In dedicated workshops, we get to the heart of the theory of successful investing and wealth management - and cover individual issues.


Understanding wealth is our aim. That takes knowledge. Knowledge about investment principles, wealth management, and asset classes. Knowledge that we have acquired in many thousands of hours of consulting service. And that we make available to you as part of our Academy series of events.

In six informative workshops you will learn interesting facts about the secrets of the success of large family fortunes and the basic rules of portfolio architecture. We discuss how assets can be increased in the best way possible and protected from unauthorized access. And we stand on the shoulders of giants: What strategies do outstanding investors like David Swensen and Warren Buffett employ?

With the Academy you can start working with Kontora in a fully informed manner. Our recommendations become more understandable. It is easier for you to make decisions. The workshops are also designed so that your wishes and goals are included in the discussion. In short: As a participant, you create a solid foundation for your subsequent investment activities.

The Academy is available for clients and everyone who is thinking about working with us. It is aimed at newcomers with young assets as well as family entrepreneurs with a cross-generational history. Each event is carried out personally and exclusively for a family / group of participants - which ensures absolute discretion.

The workshops can take place in our spacious premises on Hamburg's Jungfernstieg, but also at your location or via video conference - depending on your preferences and needs.

Contact us if you are interested, and we will be happy to make you an offer.

The Kontora Academy: With extensive knowledge for sustainable investment success!

My workshops are about the possible risks of investing. For example, we will discuss the question: How do I build up wealth so that it can survive the loss of a single investment without suffering structural damage?

Catharina Weber
Client advisor and Academy speaker


From investment principles to asset monitoring: an overview of the contents of our workshop series.

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Experts in investment criteria, risk management and succession planning. Our speakers in a video interview.

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A collection with many literature, video and podcast recommendations. Not only for workshop preparation.

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