It’s the content that counts.

The Academy program is divided into six modules. The content ranges from basics of successful investing to asset classes like listed equity, private equity, real estate and alternative investments, as well as risk management and asset monitoring. All our knowledge in a condensed form.

The workshops are offered both as a complete package and individually: If you have only little experience in investing or want to update your knowledge, book the complete program. Experts choose from the complete offer according to their level of knowledge.

Whatever choice you make: We look forward to your participation!



Basic investment principles

Speakers: Stephan Buchwald, Dr. Patrick Maurenbrecher

1. Secrets of the success of large family fortunes

Basic knowledge: Investing

2. Development of a strategic asset allocation and basic rules of portfolio architecture

Weighting rules, overview of all asset classes, core-satellite strategy

Modul 2

Management of large fortunes

Speakers: Dr. Patrick Maurenbrecher, Catharina Weber

1. Ongoing management of large assets

liquidity planning, rebalancing

2. Selection criteria for investments


Presentation of the investable asset classes

Speakers: Stefan Groskreutz, Dr. Patrick Maurenbrecher

Entrepreneurial investments

Properties, special features, portfolio construction per asset class

1. Listed equity (shares)

2. Private equity


Real Estate

Speakers: Kilian Kagel


1. Real estate portfolio

2. Real estate project development


Presentation of the investable asset classes

Speakers: Stefan Groskreutz, Frank Rehder

Alternative Investments

1. Absolute return

2. Private alternatives


Risk management and professional asset monitoring

Speakers: Alexander Köster, Janina Schiefelbein

1. Asset reporting and key risk figures

2. Asset protection


Structuring succession within assets

Speakers: Berndt Otternberg, Janina Schiefelbein

1. Distribution of assets during lifetime vs. distribution on account of death

2. Execution of will


From investment principles to asset monitoring: an overview of the contents of our workshop series.

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Experts in investment criteria, risk management and succession planning. Our speakers in a video interview.

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A collection with many literature, video and podcast recommendations. Not only for workshop preparation.

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