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Wealth is a life’s work.

Whether it’s a case of an inheritance or foundation, an entrepreneur or a family, wealth is the result of a lifetime of hard work that people have put their heart, soul and dreams into. We have huge respect for that. Because even if we perceive wealth as a material possession, we never forget the life’s work it has entailed. We see wealth as a life's achievement.


Our clients are successful newcomers and established families with long histories. Some clients appoint us as a full-service provider. Others are financial wizards who spar with us on an equal footing. Furthermore, we’re the first point of contact for single-family offices and non-profit organisations in German-speaking countries.

These clients are as diverse as their asset structures and requirements. However, the one common denominator is our conviction, that every significant body of wealth should be managed, monitored and controlled like a large well-run company would be.

We’re very discreet but delighted and flattered when clients personally recommend Kontora. We’d be happy to put you in touch with the relevant contacts for enquiries or your own networking.


Kontora is an ideal family office for families. We enjoy working with existing single-family offices and can adopt a flexible and modular approach to suit preferences.


New money means new challenges. For example, once a company is sold, corporate structures also cease to exist. But wouldn’t it make sense if private asset portfolios also had a CFO? We think so.

Non-profit organisations

Whether it’s a demand of a foundation, association or church, we know and understand the special requirements of a non-profit organisation.

A family office requires a robust organisation. Our workplace is a hive of activity. Information pours in and needs dealing with. Our corporate culture is exceptionally agile, allowing us to handle highly complex client portfolios.

Florian Hoffmann
Managing Partner, COO/CFO