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Wealth is a lifetime’s work.

Whether it is a legacy or a foundation, or whether you are a entrepreneur or a family, great wealth is mostly the result of a lifetime of hard work, full of goals and dreams and paid for with blood, sweat and tears. We have great respect for that, because even though we see wealth as material assets, we always see the lifetime’s work behind it. 

Every type of wealth is unique,
just like its owner.

Our clients are families steeped in tradition as well as successful newcomers. For single family offices and non-profit organisations such as foundations and associations, we are the first port of call in German-speaking countries.

Our clients’ asset structures are as different as they are. In turn, they require different paths to success. However, one thing always remains the same: our aspiration. We are convinced that all major assets must be organised, managed and controlled like a successful company. 

After all: maintaining the utmost discretion, we are delighted that many of our clients distinguish Kontora with personal recommendations. If required, we will be happy to pass on the corresponding contact information for queries or our own networks.


Kontora is an ideal family office for families. We will also be happy to work well with existing single family offices – as flexibly and modularly as you like. 


‘New money’ also means a new challenge. For example, after a company sale, corporate structures are also dropped. But would it not be sensible for private wealth to also have a CFO? We think so.


Foundations, associations, ecclesiastical assets – we know and understand the specific requirements of a non-profit organisation. 

A family office is a real challenge for a stringent work organisation - at our company, it is like being in a beehive every day. Information comes in at close intervals and must be processed. We respond with an extremely agile corporate culture and can thus efficiently master highly complex client situations.

Florian Hoffmann
Managing Partner COO/CFO