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One team, one dedicated contact and one family office.

When we ask clients what they expect of a family office, they don’t just cite better returns, lower risks, tax breaks, or time for their own interests.

Almost always, their one overarching desire is to keep their wealth intact. Today and tomorrow.

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As a full-service family office, Kontora has the expertise and people to manage your wealth holistically.

We provide in-depth advice, also on family governance. We construct complex asset structures, so that you can rest easy that everything’s going to plan. We’ve been serving high-net-worth families, successful companies, foundations, and institutional bodies for over 15 years. And achieve results that we’re proud of.

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What are the benefits of a family office?

What are the benefits of a family office?

We give your wealth structure.

To start with, we get our heads together with clients. We can only draw up a strategy and find the right investments once it’s clear what their expectations and objectives are.

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A client consultation at the Kontora Family Office

Resilient and high-yield portfolios? Only with the right asset allocation.

Strategic asset allocation lies at the heart of any long-term asset planning. To achieve the best-possible balance of risk and return, wealth is divided into different asset classes.

A client consultation at the Kontora Family Office

What does Kontora have to offer?

Comprehensive expertise of asset classes, strategies, and markets.

We develop long-term investment and management strategies that cover all of a client’s wealth. Our clients benefit from the expertise of our 70 employees and hand-picked investment opportunities.

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Genuine expertise requires independence.

As an owner-managed company, we aren’t dependent on third parties or their products. We select the best asset managers solely on their performance. We operate without any hidden costs or commission.

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“We want your wealth to grow. So that you can enjoy it tomorrow as well.”

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