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To us, wealth means much more than not being poor. More than just possessing material things. Wealth can mean security, freedom and making dreams come true. Wealth opens up opportunities. It can and is allowed to be a source of pleasure and joy. And that also applies to the work we do.


We’re delighted when strategies pay dividends, plans come to fruition and things work out. That’s when our job’s fun. We appreciate the understanding and expertise that human beings bring to the table just as much as the capability, speed and efficiency of the digital age.
A symbiotic relationship between people and technology is a good formula for success. Modules allow you to pinpoint exactly where our support is needed.
Both we and our clients enjoy the processing of working together to achieve success.

A drone on tour

We wanted to offer everyone unfamiliar with our premises on the Alster a chance to come on a tour. But then we thought, we go on foot when we can fly? And we sent a drone on its way. Here’s our website’s making-of video.

People often approach us seeking advice at a new stage of their lives. I enjoy sharing my experience with them. At the beginning, our collaboration often resembles a workshop because we need explain what we do in detail.

Janina Schiefelbein
Client Advisory

Our approach

Success isn’t coincidental, but a question of attitude. As our clients know only too well.

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Your team

As dedicated experts, we see the bigger picture and have no conflicts of interest. We only answer to you.

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Are you the right fit for our team? Then we look forward to hearing from you. 

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