Your advisors.

What use is all that expertise if the chemistry isn’t right? We believe in personal contact, and therefore place great value on the human aspects – in the team, in the company, when dealing with service providers, partners, and of course our clients. Our team is therefore set up in such a way that not only is the chemistry correct, but everything as a whole. In this respect, we are extremely flexible. The benefit for you: you do not have to co-finance any unnecessary large company structures. It is a win–win situation for everybody.

Stephan Buchwald
Managing Partner

Pei Pei Hsiung
Investment Managerin

Frank Rehder
Senior Manager

Anja Zakrzewski
Leitung Finanzbuchhaltung

Ramona Golz

Michael Hinze

Alexander Köster

Norman Trzenski

Kerstin Becker

Christoph Höffken

Nicole Noeske

Kilian Kagel

Tanja Müller-Coordes
Investment Controllerin

Berndt Otternberg
Managing Partner

Svenja Delfs

Daniel Bontrup
Senior Investment Manager

Katharina Gossel
Investment Controllerin

Nadine Correia
Investment Manager

Henning Landsiedel
Senior Manager

Our approach

We are happy when our clients are able to concentrate again on what’s important to them.

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Your advisors

Expertise, loyalty and commitment with no conflicts of interest: we are obliged to nobody but our clients.


Would you be a professional and personal bonus to our team? If so, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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