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We’re architects of complex wealth structures that we calculate, analyse and construct. And we rebuild, remodel and extend where necessary too. As good building do, wealth needs a good design too. We draw on lots of digital technology and human skill sets in equal measure. But only answer to our clients who make the ultimate decisions. These are the secrets to creating stable and transparent wealth architectures.


Kontora’s a family office, outsourcing service provider and advisory rolled into one. You can request our services as on-off audits, or as part of an ongoing, structured process. In all cases, you benefit from our full-service offering.

Perhaps you’re looking for tailored support, in setting up a family office for instance? We’re at your side, not only as a general contractor, but as a specialist of all the other various trades too. Our modular offering enables customised, local collaboration. You decide whether it’s our role to convey expertise, offer exclusive investments or monitor your wealth.

Kontora gives you the right tools and insights. It also offers you unique opportunities that not everyone tracks down. For instance, to institutional investor groups, club deals and private placements. We’ve also gained outstanding expertise in illiquid asset classes.

To advise very successful entrepreneurs, it’s vital to have the right tools. At Kontora, our teams’ different skill sets allow us to do just that. We love helping entrepreneurs invest in asset classes that are new to them.

Dr Patrick Maurenbrecher
CIO and managing partner

Strategic advice

The right strategy requires the right set-up. And that’s particularly true for wealth.

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Investment searches and reviews

The global network of premier professional investors resembles a members-only club. Which we can give you access to.

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Trust is all very well and good, but seamless monitoring of risk development and performance is better.

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Organisation requires management and both entail admin. Which is where we can lighten your load. 

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