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Dealing with the complex admin wealth management details is hardly a glamorous role, but an indispensable one.

We’re happy to relieve you of duties, such as processing payments associated with your investments (e.g. transferring capital calls, or complying with reporting requirements).

We support you in setting up companies through which you can make your investments. We’ll also provide assistance with the requisite entries in the commercial and transparency registers. Organising shareholder meetings and preparing shareholder resolutions is equally part of our role. We also collaborate with your accountants, notaries and legal counsel.

Strategic advice

The right strategy requires the right set-up. And that’s particularly true for wealth.

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Investment searches and reviews

The global network of premier professional investors resembles a members-only club. Which we can give you access to.

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Trust is all very well and good, but seamless monitoring of risk development and performance is better.

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Organisation requires management and both entail admin. Which is where we can lighten your load.