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Strategic advice.

Our primary goal is to set up a robust asset architecture with the associated returns.

After analysing your structures and requirements, we develop proposals detailing the best possible wealth management set up. Our strategic consulting advises you on how to diversify your assets over different asset classes (and objectives). Together we’ll decide which well-trodden and which new paths to tread. In doing so, we take a long-term, cross-generational view and apply state-of-the-art investment systems.

In addition to capital allocation, we also support you in achieving joint family goals, especially regarding the next generation. This includes training and upskilling in all wealth-related issues, creating and implementing joint objectives, but also coming up with a meaningful vision for your wealth. Our Kontora Academy introduces succeeding generations to wealth issues, or jointly develops philanthropic funding strategies and sustainability concepts.

It’s up to you whether you want our advisory services in the form of one-off audits, or require asset management as a part of a long-term structured process.

Strategic advice

The right strategy requires the right set-up. And that’s particularly true for wealth.

Investment searches and reviews

The global network of premier professional investors resembles a members-only club. Which we can give you access to.

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Trust is all very well and good, but seamless monitoring of risk development and performance is better.

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Organisation requires management and both entail admin. Which is where we can lighten your load.

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