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Advisory and structuring

Flexible and modular: Kontora will act for you as a family office, or an outsourcer and advisor for your current office.

We will analyse your asset structure and requirements, and then develop proposals for the optimal organisation of your wealth. (You will know what that means for our day-to-day work when you see that only around 2% of all investment offers pass through our quality filters.)

An optimised infrastructure and organisational basis will underlie your decision on how to spread your assets into different targets and asset classes. Subsequently, we will help you decide what trusted and what new paths to take. In doing so, we use the most up-to-date investment systematics from institutions such as Yale University, thinking in the long run and in terms of generations. 

We will identify the most objectively suitable financial and service partners for you. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists will enable you to act at eye level with asset advisors. As a side effect, you can enjoy tangible cost benefits as a result of a competitive situation and economies of scale. 

In the case of alternative investments (such as property or private equity investments), we also pay careful attention to the reliability of partners. Here, the active structuring of investments is important. For investments of any type, you will also receive a safety concept and added value created by the influence on the legal structure, business model and the selection of your financial partners. 

You will decide whether you use our consultancy services in the form of a one-time audit, or asset management in a permanent, structured process. 

Of course, after the audit you can transform your asset management into a permanent, structured process.  



Kontora was often approached with the idea of bundling several investors in club deals as an opportunity in addition to strategy and implementation. From this desire the Kontora Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft was born, which was founded in December 2014 and approved in June 2015 by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

After the implementation of the European AIFM directive into the national investment law (KAGB) we established a fully regulated capital management company to continue the successful model of the family office - the design of club deals, the development of own strategies and the management of investment opportunities, all from one source under one roof. We thus have all the necessary tools and structuring possibilities to make investments investable for our clients. By structuring our own offerings as an authorised capital management company, we offer our clients the complete infrastructure to create the required vehicles.


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Advice and structuring

The right strategy must have the right set-up. This applies particularly to assets.


No asset is like the other. Therefore, our work is tailored to your requirements.

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Trust is good, but the flawless controlling of risk development and performance values is better.

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Organization needs administration - and both entail administrative tasks. This is quite stress-free.

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