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As a hard-and-fast rule, we only invest in what we understand.

Kontora has a reputation for achieving outstanding results. We invest on behalf of our clients in public and private markets (returns that outperform their peers are primarily found on non-transparent markets), both in terms of asset preservation and asset growth. We objectively identify the most suitable financial partners and service providers for you.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts enables you to operate on an equal footing with asset managers. And you benefit from lower costs due to competition and economies of scale.

Our capacities set us apart from the competitors. Kontora’s team is big enough to cover all asset classes. We scrutinise lucrative investments each and every day. Our network has grown over the years and can therefore offer valuable contacts. We don’t just offer you access to exceptionally exclusive deals, but also help you to close and coordinate them. Quality not quantity is the metric we apply in the process. It’s about the few asset managers who see themselves and act as your co-entrepreneurs. Only about 2% of all investment offers pass our quality filter.

In the case of direct investments, we pay particular attention to the partners’ reliability and active structuring of the investment. As a result, you also gain peace of mind and added value because influence is exerted over the legal structure, the business model and the selection of financing partners.

Strategic advice

The right strategy requires the right set-up. And that’s particularly true for wealth.

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Investment searches and reviews

The global network of premier professional investors resembles a members-only club. Which we can give you access to.


Trust is all very well and good, but seamless monitoring of risk development and performance is better.

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Organisation requires management and both entail admin. Which is where we can lighten your load. 

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