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You’ll regularly receive reports on the development, costs and compliance with your investment objectives.

Kontora monitors your wealth continually. We’ll provide you with an allocation and analysis tool. This option includes document management, reporting and accounting functionalities and can reflect even the most complex assets in a consolidated manner.

Our customer portal lets you track asset performance in real time. All transactions are transparent to allow fast assessment of your own decisions. As a result, you’re on a par with asset managers because you can compare their performance and KPIs with competitors at all times.

Monitoring frequently reveals significant room for improvement due to hidden or unjustified costs and multiple charges. You’re alerted to negative developments at any early stage and can take appropriate action. 

Strategic advice

The right strategy requires the right set-up. And that’s particularly true for wealth.

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Investment searches and reviews

The global network of premier professional investors resembles a members-only club. Which we can give you access to.

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Trust is all very well and good, but seamless monitoring of risk development and performance is better.


Organisation requires management and both entail admin. Which is where we can lighten your load. 

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