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Kontora monitors assets continuously. You will receive regular accountability for the development, costs and adherence to your investment goals and guidelines.

With QPLIX asset reporting, Kontora provides an allocation and analysis tool with document management solution as well as reporting and accounting functionalities that can display even the most complex assets in a consolidated form. Via our client portal or the client app you have the possibility to view the development of your assets in real time via various digital devices.

It is visible immediately what portion of your wealth delivers which contribution. You will receive complete transparency in all transactions, and you will be able to promptly trace the influence of your own decisions on the growth of your assets. You will work at eye level with the mandated asset advisors, as you will receive a measurable portrayal of their target achievement and you will be able to permanently compare the service they provide with that of competitors. 

It is not uncommon for monitoring to reveal high potential for improvement in hidden or unwarranted costs and multiple burdens. You will receive complete transparency, and you will be notified early on of undesirable developments so you can counteract on them. 

Advice and structuring

The right strategy must have the right set-up. This applies particularly to wealth.

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No asset is like the other. Therefore, our work is tailored to your requirements.

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Trust is good, but the flawless controlling of risk development and performance values is better


Organization needs administration - and both entail administrative tasks. This is quite stress-free.

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