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Success never just falls in your lap. Any wealthy individual has put in a lot of hard work at some point. Nothing’s changed in that respect either. However, in a digital age, ideas are turned into reality more rapidly. Putting a unique idea into practice like nobody else leads to success. Wealth is created by doing things differently. Kontora works along this principle in both the analogue and digital world. That's why we are your partners for individual consulting and implementation of asset strategies.

No business can survive without innovating.

At Kontora, there’s none of the much-cited conflict between the old and new worlds, each nurtures the other. In terms of technology, we harness the power, speed and efficiency of digital tools. But it’s human beings we rely on for expertise and understanding.

Two experts with excellent track records, digital manager Stefanie Jung and COO/CFO Florian Hoffmann, explain in this short film how Kontora has digitally enhanced, if not revolutionised, its workflows.

How an office became a platform.

Remote communication and digital reporting are what you rightly expect from any family office today. It’s not remarkable that you benefit from our digital tools, but how.

To communicate, we use hybrid solutions to ensure that people are easy to reach and interaction is fast. Multimedia facilitates understanding of complex information and the investment experience.

COO/CFO Florian Hoffmann and Sybille Arnegger, head of asset reporting, explain how Kontora takes transparency and participation to a new level in this film.