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Administration made easy.

It’s great when administration goes well. But we know just how much expertise and attention to detail are required for it to be made look easy. And how organisations that have grown organically struggle to keep up the pace the more complex they become.

This is where our Service Office comes in. Kontora makes complex issues simple and quietly takes the pressure off clients. Because reliable processes and systems are indispensable where vast wealth is concerned.

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All assets in one system

We keep all assets in one standard system. We check for consistency. And ensure seamless monitoring of all investments.

Clients with existing structures can focus on what’s important, but are kept in the loop at the same time. Our analysis tool includes document management, reporting and accounting functions and can show even the most complex of assets in a consolidated way.

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Outsourcing is a success factor

Outsourcing is a success factor

Administration requires personnel.
But it doesn’t have to be yours.

Administration is demanding and requires a lot of people. Expertise of every asset class, particularly in terms of financial accounting and IT, is needed. Kontora can take on all administrative tasks or simply provide customised support in specific areas.

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Rooms of the Kontora Family Office with bar chairs

Data security is complex and expensive.
If it’s organised in-house.

Because they use simple Office tools for sensitive data and store it on unprotected servers, some wealthy people are easy prey to criminals. We build IT infrastructure to meet the most discerning of requirements. And ensure it’s cost efficient too.

Rooms of the Kontora Family Office with bar chairs

What we offer

  • We chart all liquid and illiquid investments
  • We allocate the investments to suitable asset classes
  • We review evaluations and change them if required
  • We integrate third parties via interfaces (e.g. accountancy firms)
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  • We prepare all data in our QPlix software
  • We report based on client preferences
  • We make recommendations for action based on data analysis
  • We monitor investment managers
  • We manage and plan liquidity across all asset classes and investment periods
"I represent an organization

that needs a partner to provide extra support on the administrative and accounting side. Tasks could include management issues, running the wealth management software or active monitoring of our investments.”


The digital world

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To achieve outstanding results, human skills and understanding are vital, even in the digital age.
We use technical innovations and tools, that don’t just make jobs, but lives easier as well.

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“Administration is something we take seriously. It underpins success.”

Florian Hoffmann

COO, Chief Operating Officer

+49 (0) 40 3290 888-0

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Phone: +49 40 3290 888-0