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With the human touch.

People whose jobs focus on values, appreciate the human touch all the more. Whether it’s how we interact as a team, with service providers, business partners, colleagues – and, of course, with our clients.

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We’re aiming for the best results.

We grow assets by keeping a cool head and having a clear plan. But we’re also aware that personal interaction is pivotal to any good partnership. We bring our expertise to the table when we meet clients for the first time, allocate their assets or manage their wealth. But not just that. We want to understand who we’re dealing with. So that we create enduring bonds across generations.


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We’re entrepreneurs who serve other entrepreneurs. Directors Stephan Buchwald, Dr Patrick Maurenbrecher, Henning Landsiedel and Florian Hoffmann blend holistic advice with investment expertise and operational excellence.


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We understand wealth. And the people behind that wealth. Our client team is in charge of providing strategic advice, looking after our clients, monitoring, and reporting on their assets.


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The goal is to find the best investments in any asset class. The investment team is responsible for sourcing, screening, and monitoring investments. They also liaise with asset managers and control real-estate investments.


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Success requires professional structures and our infrastructure team provides the framework for resilient assets. We enable clients to take advantage of top investments. And we create service packages to make asset management very easy.


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Our corporate functions team is our powerhouse that ensures all internal processes run smoothly. It also includes marketing, human resources and IT specialists who guarantee that Kontora develops as a company in the best possible way.

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Our vocation is to understand wealth. Which requires experience, expertise, empathy, and our finger on the pulse in a rapidly changing world. Our supervisory board helps us to do so in a more focused way. And to handle the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Kontora Advisory Board

Our advisory board, established in 2022, advises the Kontora management on strategic issues and brings external impulses into the company. Nikolaus Werhahn, Thomas Etzel and Ulrike Handel draw on a wide range of experience gained in management consultancies, asset management firms and media companies.

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Dr. Nikolaus Werhahn

Nikolaus Werhahn is an advisor for the Cresco Partnership Fund, a global equity fund. As co-founder of cflox, a FinTech and international payment institution, he also has start-up experience. Prior to that, Werhahn, who holds a doctorate in law, spent many years at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) advising international corporations on strategy and M&A projects.

Dr Ulrike Handel in front of a galss office, dark brown hair, wearing a blue blazer and looking into the camera a little closer

Dr. Ulrike Handel

Ulrike Handel is a specialist in complex corporate transformations and turnaround strategies. With a doctorate in media studies, she has worked for major media and digital companies, most recently as a member of the Executive Board at Axel Springer SE. Previously, Ulrike Handel was CEO for the DACH region at the agency group Dentsu.

Thomas Etzel, looking at the camera, posing to the left, wearing a blue suit

Thomas Etzel

Thomas Etzel has been working for the private equity specialist HQ Capital as Managing Director since 2016. Previously, he managed the real estate private equity company "RECAP L.P." in New York. Thomas Etzel is a professor at the "International University of Monaco" and is involved in the German Committee of UNICEF.

Understanding people – through soft skills

Understanding people – through soft skills

Hard work and passion are the cornerstones of wealth. And we respect that.

We can only protect a life’s work by understanding the goals, dreams and wishes of our clients. And help them create new opportunities. Which is why soft skills, like understanding people, are just as important as expertise.

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It’s an understanding of people that fosters interaction in the first place.

To us, it’s important to get to know our clients. We see them as individuals and don’t offer off-the-peg solutions. Because even 15 years on, we’re always eager to discover the challenges awaiting us before we meet a new client for the first time.

Beata sits infront of an IPad and looks smiling into the camera

Charta of Diversity

In July 2020, we signed the Charta of Diversity to highlight our commitment to this issue. We’re proud to have people with different backgrounds, experience, and ideologies on our team.

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"People at Kontora are characterized by a fast processor - the ability to quickly break down problems into solutions.“

Florian Hoffmann

Chief Executive, COO

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