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Family Wealth Management Firm of the Year

"The Corporate LiveWire judging panel was impressed by how diligently the German firm has worked to improve its services and professional capabilities in this time, crafting complex asset structures which can build upon an individual’s expectations and aspirations!" CorporateLiveWire

Matters of family and wealth are seldom simple, but Kontora Family Office GmBh (“Kontora”) enables clients to rest assured that their wealth is being carefully managed by leading professionals. Kontora is a family wealth management firm based out of Germany, offering bespoke financial services which can simplify the often complex monetary issues which can arise from positions of affluence.

Recognising the value of maintaining robust relationships with each client, Kontora carefully crafts their services around the needs of each individual. This requires the firm to not only draw upon past experience but to forge a direct understanding of the requirements and complexity of each case. Transparency is a key factor in Kontora’s interactions with their clients, serving as the cornerstone of a professional relationship which promotes mutual respect for the best possible results. By tailoring their advice to each individual client and developing innovative asset strategies, Kontora is able to help each client understand and optimise their wealth. In addition, this support comes objectively and loyally, in minor and major decisions.

Kontora doesn’t just measure wealth via assets, monetary values or ownership. The company go to great lengths to understand what ‘wealth’ actually means to each client, upholding and protecting these values to offer a service which is more personalised than mere financial management. The company serve a wide variety of clients, from entrepreneurs and heirs to foundations and families, providing the same service excellence to each that ensures these assets are well-managed. These services allow clients to protect and keep their assets, but also improve and increase where possible, generating results via a special understanding of markets and mechanics.

Established over a decade ago, Kontora has been able to yield positive results for their clients which ably prove their understanding of the craft. The Corporate LiveWire judging panel was impressed by how diligently the German firm has worked to improve its services and professional capabilities in this time, crafting complex asset structures which can build upon an individual’s expectations and aspirations. The company execute their services on a targeted basis, offering their services only where desired and tailoring each solution to meet the specific needs of that client or requirement. This tailored and specialised service has yielded strong results for each client, making Kontora a boon to the international financial management community.

The Kontora Family Office feels deeply honored to be awarded as the Family Wealth Management Firm of the Year. We would like to thank our great team and clients.


Kontora Kontora Family Office

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